Summer 2017

Hello all, Wally here!

2017, what a crazy year so far. Since our last update, the usual January slow down just did not happen, and within days of the New Year we were out on the road, railway stations or airports, running more client events. We’re just getting a few days to take a breather now the summer holidays are approaching, so thought I better update the blog before it goes crazy again.

This year so far has involved many more conferences, from small conferences in the Channel Islands to large residential conferences for hundreds in London & the Midlands. And of course it’s not just the serious side of business, there’s always the fun events which have involved Gin Masterclasses (hic!) and a recent exclusive party boat on the Thames in the glorious summer weather. Awards and incentives have seen us run several swanky awards ceremonies in London’s hottest new venues, and lots of incentive groups including an exclusive tea tasting at the Ritz! We hope to update the case studies page soon to showcase some of these awesome events. Some quick jaunts overseas have seen us travel to Dubrovnik and Iceland, great destinations for your incentive travel events.

Away from W2, as well as the General Election fiasco, there have been some horrible news stories in the first half of this year. Each one of the recent tragic events have impacted our events in some way, ranging from last minute travel cancellations, inaccessible venues, to an event having to be moved altogether with less than 48 hours notice. This really does highlight the need for experienced event management, good contingency planning and a well executed “plan B”. In perspective, some inconvenienced guests and several late nights of planning for us is nothing compared to how it affected some, and our thoughts are firmly with those cities and families whose lives have been affected.

Looking forward, and in hope of a more peaceful 6 months, the rest of the year is looking busy and exciting! A few large conference roadshows will mean many miles covered for us around the UK in the Autumn months, and Chris is especially looking forward to our football stadium conference tour (he’s dug out his boots just in case), and with groups further afield in Lisbon and Dubai. And yep, even Christmas events are booked in (time to book yours?!).

That’s me done for now. I hope all our clients, suppliers and associates have an equally fun and busy 2017 and we’ll see you all soon.

Back to work…
Wally x