Flying into 2019… (literally)

We’re flying into 2019 (literally – I’m writing this from a FlyBe flight over the English Channel), so here’s a blog update…

So we’ve realised we’re pretty bad at blog posts.  The busier we are, the more our blog gets ignored. Also, who reads blogs now anyway, its not 2015 anymore and anything more than 280 characters is too much…  So maybe we’ll change this section soon. 

Anyway, we just wanted to update this bit so our last post wasn’t Xmas 2017.

A very quick update is that 2018 was another brilliant year here at W2.  We’ve held some great events for our amazing clients, old and new, at some great locations and venues.  2019 is already looking a crazy year according the diary.  In fact, it’s only the 4th working day of this year and we’re already overseas (if can you count the Channel Islands as overseas?) running an event.  We’ve hit the ground running and it’s not looking to slow down, so we’re looking forward to another year of fun.

Towards the end of last year our website also had a little facelift, and now the surgery is done we’ll update more areas, case studies and content soon.  As part of the upgrade, we’ve also designed a new (and brilliant, if we do say so ourselves) bespoke event registration system.  With thousands of delegates already using it, it’s proving a great addition to our offering.

We’ll sign off now… have a great 2019.  Do be nice to each other over the coming few months (you know what we mean, B****t is upon us).  We’re all in this together right.  Let’s keep smiling and have a succesful time. If you need any help with communicating with, or motivating your team, then drop us a line.

Wally x