Coronavirus update – 6th April

Following the below (now out of date) statement, we wanted to update you on our current position here at W2.

Firstly, our thoughts are with anyone who has suffered due to this terrible situation, and our huge appreciation and gratitude goes out to NHS staff and every key worker. Heroes, every one of them.

Upcoming Spring / Summer Events:
As the events industry grinds to a halt, we have been dealing with a string of cancellations and postponements, and are now even more well versed in terms and conditions of contracts. We will continue to advise clients on the best time to cancel and postpone, and when “force majeure” come into play. We are working hard on behalf of our clients to get the best terms, and we also appreciate the cooperation of venues and suppliers who are being flexible and helpful in challenging circumstances.

Future Event planning:
We appreciate event planning is extremely difficult at the moment, especially when rescheduling already confirmed events and trying to secure new dates later in the year. Many of our Spring and Summer events are being pushed back to Autumn and Winter; which is an industry-wide pattern. This in turn is creating high demand and low date availability in the Autumn months, which are traditionally busy at ‘normal’ times. We strongly suggest booking and holding any new dates as quickly as possible and we’ll ensure terms and conditions, and any financial commitment is beneficial to clients should future plans change.

Financial security:
With the events and hospitality industry unquestionably suffering at this time, some clients have raised the issue of financial security of venues and suppliers and the possibility of their investment being lost.
We are aware of this concern, and whilst we cannot guarantee the finances of all venues, we will continue to use reputable, trusted venues and suppliers only. We will continue to negotiate best possible terms on contracts, ensure deposit payments are kept to a minimum wherever possible, therefore reducing risk. Furthermore, we would like to reassure clients that W2 Events are fortunate to be in a financially stable position and as a result are able to adapt to the current climate.

Contacting W2
Up until now we have remained extremely busy helping clients re-arrange their events and planning for the year ahead and beyond. As this situation continues, we do envisage the next few weeks will become quieter from an events planning and client contact perspective. During this time we will try and tackle some of those admin tasks that we keep putting off as well as spending a little more time with our kids and sprucing up our gardens! Of course we’ll still be contactable in the usual way, 24/7, but please bear with us if we take a little longer to respond to your emails.

That’s enough from us. We wish you, your families and your businesses well in the coming months, and we look forward to seeing you all on the other side.

Take care, W2. x