2021 events get a shot in the arm!

Finally the news we’ve all been waiting for, there’s a vaccine coming!

Yes it’s early days and we’ve got a long virtual winter ahead, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so we’ve been researching what it means for live events in 2021.

Our summary is that events mid to later 2021 look very likely, which has been reflected in an influx of enquiries at venues for Autumn 2021. Autumn is a busy conference season anyway, but companies are looking to squeeze a years worth of postponed events into a few months, so availability is becoming limited already.

What will happen, and when?

As Event Managers it’s in our nature to be in control of timelines; but something we can’t control is how long a vaccine roll out takes that will make events safe again. But it’s always good to have a realistic plan in place so we can advise clients and plan for ourselves. On early research, our expectations for next year are as follows:

  • Early 2021 (Jan-Mar): We may be in a position to hold socially distanced Covid-Secure events of 30 pax, similar to those allowed in summer. Many companies have rightly avoided this where possible, but this could be a necessity for essential workers, medical teams etc. or senior meetings to guide your business ‘Out of Covid’.
  • Apr-Jun: Covid will still be with us, but we will reach a stage in the vaccination programme where the vulnerable are protected and larger events can safely restart. Probably with an element of testing, social distancing and always good hygiene, but they will be safe. Away from work, you may even be able to get back to Anfield or Glastonbury!
  • Jun-Aug: Further relaxation of measures… Summer party anyone?
  • Sept onwards: We’ll all be squeezed into a room shaking hands and hugging! Oh yeah, and hearing those important business messages.
  • What should you do now?

    Our advice is simple, start planning now! Many companies are and you don’t want to be left behind…

  • If you have a large event where your venue options are already limited, such as a conference for 800 pax or an exhibition where you need lots of space, then get those dates and venues on hold now!
  • Smaller events, for example day conferences of 100 pax, are probably not so pressing to book right now, but dates and preferred venues will become more limited than normal. For each bit of good vaccine news over the coming weeks, demand at venues will jump.
  • But give venues a bit more time than normal with enquiries. Many are still closed or with skeleton staff working from home. They are also inundated with requests for date changes, refunds and an influx of enquiries for later next year. All venues have taken a financial battering over the last year and staff have had a morale-sapping time. We’ll give them time where they need it, and buy them a drink when we can.
  • Covid Secure Bookings

    Our clients will still be nervous of contracting events until the pathway becomes clearer. That is why we offer extremely flexible booking terms, lower deposit payments and full refunds on events that can not happen due to Covid restrictions. All event bookings are risk free.

    Virtual Events

    The above is all very exciting, but it’s still a long way off and you may need a solution in the coming few months, which is a bit better than Zoom meeting. We’re now experts in virtual events on many platforms for all types of virtual events. We’ve just completed our best one yet, so please do give us a shout for a demo.

    We know it’s still a long way to go and there will be some bumps in the road, but we’re finally on the right path.

    Events are massively important to business, relationships, happiness and the economy, but nothing is more important than your well being and looking after each other. Stay safe and we’ll see you next year.

    W2 x